Some Unknown facts about Sir Ravindra Jadeja

1. Once Jadeja played in a Gully cricket tournament. Today it is known as Border Gavaskar Trophy.

2. Jadeja statued two old men when he was young. Today they are called umpires.

3. Jadeja does not hit the ball. The ball comes to Jadeja, gets terrified, and runs away to the boundary.

4. The Kotla pitch was not a cracked one. But when Jadeja started bowling, the sheer power of his balls cracked up the pitch and inturn, helped the other spinners.

5. The reason why Kochi Tuskers Kerala team got destroyed was that the owners failed to call him “Sir” Jadeja.

6. From now on, any tournament in which Jadeja plays will be called Ashes because he burns away his opponents with his ferocity.

7. Also, the rays coming from Jadeja’s eyes can literally burn away the batsmen. That is why he always wears a sun-glasses while bowling.

8. Jadeja is the reason Sachin is not retiring. Sachin considers himself to be so lucky to play with Sir himself that despite his career heading towards twilight, he just goes on playing.

9. All the stars present in the sky are actually the balls which Jadeja hit out of the orbit.

10. The reason why most of the batsman who face Jadeja get bowled even without attempting the shot is that even the gaze of Jadeja’s eyes terrifies the batsman beyond their imaginations and all they can do is stand still,terrified out of their wits.