marwari de panga mat lena


1 JUDGE,,1 MBA,,,1marwadi Kashti Me Ja Rahe The

JIN Aya aur Bola: Samandar me Koi Chez feko , Agr,MAine Dhond Li To Mai Tumhe Mar Donga
na dhond paya to me Tumhara Ghulam

JUDGE ne Pen Fenki
JIN ne Dhund Li aur Use Mar Dya

M.B.A. ne Memory Card Phenka
JIN ne Dhund Liya aur Use B Mar Dya

Marwadi ne Disprin tablet Fenki…
Wo Pani Me gayab ha gai

Marwadi : Chal Beta, dukan pe Bahut Kam hai..


Marwadi at his best

Einstein & a Marwadi sitting next to each other on a long flight..
Einstein says,”ok we play a that I will ask you a question, and you not know the answer,you pay me only $5 and if I do not know the answer,I will pay you $500..”

Einstein asks the first question: What’s the distance from the Earth to the Moon..?

Marwadi doesn’t say a word,reaches his pocket,pulls out a $5..

Now,it’s the Marwadi ‘s turn..

He asks Einstein: What goes up a hill with 3 legs and comes down on 4 legs..?

Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends.. After an hour he gives Marwadi $500..

Einstein going nuts and asks: what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four..?

Marwadi reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5.. 

Einstein fainted….