A Pakistani boy who took American school admission.

A Pakistani boy who took admission in American school.

Teacher: what is your name?

Boy: Ahmed.

Teacher: now you’re in the us, so today is your name John.

The boy came home.

Mother: how was the first day Ahmed?

Boy: I am now calling me John was further from the American.

Mum and Dad can hear it they hope to his fiercely.

Body bruises the next day she came to school.

Teacher: what happened to John?

Boy: my American being 4 hours after having attacked me 2 Pakistanis.

Wife’s Question?

Wife asked a question to her husband

Wife : What is 10 years with me?

Husband : A second!

Wife : What is 1 lakh for me?

Husband : A coin!

Wife : Okay than give me a coin.

Husband : Wait a second !

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